[Review & SALE]: Optoma HD26 Projector

Is the Optoma HD26 Projector TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

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Optoma HD26 Projector


Optoma HD26


If you’re considering this Optoma projector for your home theater system, read this consumer report first to ensure it will fit your needs.

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Optoma is one of the leading brand names in the projector market, and they certainly aimed to please when they created the HD26 model. It features full 3D capabilities and comes out of the box with amazing picture quality. The brightness and clarity only gets better if you take the time to adjust the color settings manually, and you can find many consumers online offering their unique setting configuration. You will want to use those as a starting point while taking the time to adjust each setting according to your home theater.

The impressive brightness of the projector comes from the 2300 lumens. Many consumers hare used this projector indoors as well as outdoors, and most report impressive clarity and brightness in all settings. You can even get amazing picture quality with ambient light in the room, and watching television in full daylight isn’t an issue either.

Due to a 6-color wheel, you don’t even have to worry about those annoying rainbows when you use the Optoma 3D Projector 3200 Lumen HD26. This is a concern reported by many projector users today, but most consumers report no such issues with this Optoma model.

Optoma HD26-2

This is an MHL-compatible projector which means you can connect it to your smartphone to stream media. You can also connect it to a Roku Stick or similar device without problems. This creates a versatile home entertainment system that allows you to play games, watch movies or enjoy live broadcasting in vivid color on a large screen.

If someone in your home enjoys gaming, there is nothing better than immersing into the game setting with a large screen. Consumers tend to agree that there is zero lag with this projector, so your action is never slowed unnecessarily. As long as your gaming system can keep up, this projector will keep you flying through Mindcraft or any other game at full speed.

While some consumers do report noticing some noise while this projector is in use, most report that they are satisfied with the noise level and some are quite impressed. This may depend on what projectors you have used in the past. The low noise level is definitely a reflection of modern technology as it is far quieter than projectors from the past.

Even though this a reasonably priced projector suitable for those shopping on a budget, it still delivers impressive picture quality. It even comes out of the box with a slick white finish and stylish design that most consumers appreciate. It is more compact than many others on the market today, and that suits consumers with smaller home theater rooms. It also pleases some consumers who simply don’t want a large projector protruding from their ceiling or sitting on a table in the center of the room.

One last benefit of using this projector is the cost of upkeep. You always have to consider the cost of bulbs as they burn out with use. This projector offers affordable bulbs, so you can save a bit of money over the upkeep of some other projectors. Combine that with the affordable retail price of the system, and you understand why budget shoppers are drawn to this system.

If there is one potential flaw that other consumers may warn new users about, it is the reliability of the remote control. It may temporarily stop functioning at times. This isn’t experienced by all users, but it is something to keep in mind as possibility with this particular Optoma projector.

You could say that once you become an Optoma user, you will always be an Optoma user. Many consumers purchase this projector as an upgrade from other Optoma projectors, and they still use their older projectors in many cases. This speaks to the durability and long lifespan delivered from this brand. Add in superior brightness and image quality, and you see why this projector is one of the most popular options on the market today.

Optoma HD26 Projector

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