[Review & SALE]: Logitech Harmony Ultimate Remote

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Logitech-Harmony-Review-Image1Several features of the Logitech Harmony Ultimate universal remote control impress consumers so much that they are sharing their opinions in reviews and comments.

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The following seven points reflect the most common observations about Harmony Ultimate.

Convenient Size and Numberless Face

Removal of the number buttons results in a smaller, easier to use remote that fits into the hand and is easier to hold. A dedicated DVR button is a welcome addition to the face. The product features an on-screen numbers option that causes the numbers to appear on the screen when the consumer requires that operation. The fashionable look of the Logitech Harmony Ultimate is enhanced by the responsive touch screen in the upper part of the device.

Online Setup

The advanced procedure for setting up the remote control is a significant improvement on older Logitech versions. There is no setup program with the remote itself. Instead, the process is done online by plugging a USB cable (included) from the remote into a PC or Mac. Consumers remark upon the easier method of setup and the way that some features are preset for convenience. Once the desired actions (such as selecting volume control from the TV instead of the cable box) are selected, the software updates and syncs to the remote, which is then unplugged from the USB and ready to use.

Touch Screen Functionality

Quite a few functions are done directly through the touch screen of the remote, many of which are achieved by common Smartphone gestures. Although the learning curve requires a change from traditional remote operations, consumers indicate the results are worth the short time spent to master easier and greater control of their media centers without the need to press one or more buttons for common commands. Examples include swiping the 2.4 inch QVGA touchscreen to increase the volume, fast forward, or pause the film being watched.

Exceptional Wireless and Smartphone Procedures

Consumers are impressed by the unnecessary, yet convenient, feature that permits access and control of the remote through any Smartphone. It is considered to be one of the biggest advantages of owning the Logitech Harmony Ultimate.


The Ultimate eliminates the need to keep a spare set of batteries handy to replace the dead ones in the old remote. A charging station and rechargeable battery are included with the unit.

Instant Response to Commands

Instead of the brief time lapse between the time a command is given and the time the responsive action occurs experienced with other remote controls, Logitech Harmony Ultimate gives instant response. Consumers are pleased to no longer have to deal with the slight hesitation after a button is pressed. An additional comment is that instant response is given whether the selection is made with actual or virtual touchscreen buttons.

Getting Used to the Remote

Consumer reviews indicate that users new to touch screen action will require additional time to get familiar with the use of this remote. Removal of numbers and the addition of touchscreen features and additional buttons for DVR and Blu-ray are a change for all remote users. A brief amount of time is required to adapt to the new features.


Innovative customizations available for the Logitech Harmony Ultimate remote include an app that turns a Smartphone into a remote and the instant response, size, and clarity of the touchscreen. The elegant design and addition of the DVR and Blu-ray controls make consumer control of visual entertainment much easier.


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