[Review & SALE]: MeGooDo Mini Projector

Is the MeGooDo Mini Projector TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

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MeeGooDo-Mini-Projector-Review-Image-1The following report explores an in-depth look at the numerous features of the MeGooDo LED mini projector for home theater systems.

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The piece comes with its own speakers along with a very convenient tripod. Anyone who wishes to improve the quality of the audio can also add a few external speakers in order to get that vaunted home theater experience. A headphone jack is another nice add-on that allows the projector to present great outdoor movie viewing.

The tripod is known for being extremely sturdy and is fine for being used both indoor and outdoor increasing the versatility of the MeGooDo LED mini projector.

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Although the model does not fall under the category of a “true” HD projector, it has the ability to display 1080P films and clips effectively. The vast majority of people who purchased the projector were extremely happy with the focus and the overall video quality. Watching films in a dark room is one major key to getting the most out of the projector and boosting the quality of the video even more.

The vast majority of audio, video and image formats play extremely well through the MeGooDo mini projector. Consumers gave a try with MP4, MP3, AVI, OGV and MKV files did not experience any problems with the streaming.

The tripod comes with an extremely nice price to quality ratio. If you are interested in saving your money, you are going to find another excellent benefit: the energy consumption is quite low for a piece of this nature.

MeeGooDo-Mini-Projector-Review-Image-2Last, the size of the projecter received excellent praise from consumers. The equipment is relatively small. Do not consider that a negative because the smaller equipment is fairly easy to move around, which is not the case with bulkier equipment. One reviewer is a teacher who pointed out that bringing the projector into classrooms worked out very well since the size and weight of the MeGooDo mini projector made moving it fairly simple.


Even though the MeGooDo mini projector delivers a great price to quality ratio, the device has a few drawbacks that have to be pointed out. The battery life, in particular, receives complaints from consumers and these complaints are understandable. A fully charged battery only offers 80 minutes of life. Really, this is not enough time for the vast majority of feature length films but music video and television program viewing might be fine.


Anyone who is looking for a portable mini projector that can deliver high quality video is going to find the MeGooDo LED model to be perfect. The projector is fairly light in weight and comes with an easily adjustable tripod. Mostly all audio and video formats can be played without problems and the projector is fine for indoor and outdoor use.MeGooDo-Mini-Projector-Review-Button-Video


Portable Projectors Buyer’s Guide: Which One Is Right For You?

If you are in a business where you are required to present certain presentations that are related to your company, it is good to have access to a pocket size projector that can present this information. Unlike ones that were created years ago which used slides or reels, these are typically hooked up to your laptop and a PowerPoint presentation is provided on a Smart Board or similar large screen. There are many different ones to choose from. Here are the top three portable projector brands that you can trust to present your information in the most professional and reliable way.

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Reasons To Use Portable Projectors – HDMI Pocket Projector

A portable projector is a device that is able to present movies, images, or sequential images in order to provide information for a business or just to share with families and friends. Although it is possible to simply upload videos and images to the Web and direct people to a website, this is a device that is designed to work with large screen apparatuses including Smart boards so that information in group settings can be presented in a professional manner.

InFocus – Pocket Projector Reviews

One of the most popular digital multimedia projectors available at many stores and on the web comes from InFocus, a trusted name in portable digital projectors. One of their best is the InFocus IN1146 Projector which is well-known for its LED light engine. It quickly starts up, has minimal heat exhaust, and can work with an SD card, USB drive or a WiFi adapter. Most of the products that come from InFocus are extremely portable, very reliable and cost effective for those that are on a budget.

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Optoma – Mini Portable Projector

Another brand that is well-known in the portable projector industry is Optoma. This company typically has high reviews for all of their projectors, especially their full HD 3-D projector series. One of the best offer by them as the Optoma W304M which comes with data image quality, 3-D support, and works with HDMI connectors. It comes with a standard lamp, presents a resolution that is 1280 by 800, making your PowerPoint presentation or your digital slides and movies appear crystal clear even at a distance.

LG – Mini LED Projector

A name well known in many industries including cellular phone technology and televisions is LG. They have a product called LG PA1000 Projector which also has a 1280 by 800 resolution, but also comes with a 100,000 to 1 contrast ratio which can toggle on or off. It is 3-D ready, as many video and data modes, and comes with a fixed focal length lens. This is perfect for presentations where you need to provide the information quickly and so simply, and is priced so that both individuals and businesses can use this excellent product.

Although there are many other companies out there that sell portable projectors, LG, InFocus and Optoma are three of the best right now. If you are looking for the best deals, high-resolution, and the ability to bring a portable projector anywhere you go, you should consider using these devices for both business and leisure.

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