[Review & SALE]: Sony HT-CT260 Sound Bar

Is the Sony HT-CT260 TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Sony HT-CT260 Review Video Below)


Sony-HTCT260H-Review-ImageSound bars were made to help produce better & clearer sound quality.

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This is true especially when they are included as part of your home theater system.

The Sony HTCT260 Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer is perhaps one of the best overall options you have on the market today.

This begins with the impressive design, which most customers agree is impressive. The unit features a hexagonal design that helps to complement the sleek, angular lines, while featuring a sophisticated matte-black color, and eye popping blue LED light. The 4” height makes it perfectly sized to fit under your television and that helps it to appeal to most people.

Another thing to note about the Sony HTCT260 is that the installation process is simple. Both experts and customers have stated that the syncing process is incredibly easy, even with no HDMI ports. With todays cluttered arrangement of wired devices, this can help to make things look impressive and ensure it is more than adequate for most people.

Perhaps more important, the sound bar features the Plug and Play technology that people look for today. With this subwoofer paired with the iPad or IPhone it will be a simple and effective way to play your favorite music, as soon as you have pulled it out of the box. Best of all, you can remove the unit from the box install it and have your favorite music blasting as you still play your favorite gaming system on the television.

Sony Corporation is one of the most known and respected in the industry and the HTCT260 does not disappoint. The sound bar offers a high quality performance and the deep base that is necessary.

Sony-HTCT260H-Review-Image-2Take the time to listen to it and observe a powerful bass that delivers a satisfactory treble, and a wide soundstage considering its class (i.e., mid-range). That will mean that you end up with incredible sound that corresponds within a very affordable price.

The downside: Some of the high-end frequency sounds can be incredibly low, thus, lessening the clarity of the d sound experience at times albeit just a bit.

The HTCT260’s offers built-in Bluetooth technology to allow it to connect better to tablets, smartphones and other devices.

More importantly, the Sony is Sony, and that means that the HTCT260’s remote is something that is going to last a long time, while being simple to use. It can quickly be setup and help to enhance the overall experience you have while using it. However, customers did wish there were fewer buttons and the inclusion of backlights.

Overall: For under $300, most people will agree that the Sony HTCT260 is one of the best choices for the money, delivering high quality sound, brilliant connectivity and features that help it to be one of the best-selling Sony product available.


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