[Review & SALE]: Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch

Is the Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Samsung Gear 2 Smartwatch Review Video Below)


Samsung-Gear-2-Review-Image-1Below you will learn about some of the most prominent features of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch.

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Size/Design: Bigger is not necessarily better, but when you are talking about the Galaxy Smartwatch most view it as a definite positive. The next thing you will notice about this device is its futuristic design and gorgeous display. It is not really a dressy timepiece, but it does appeal to those who appreciate casual and practical design.

Battery Life: As we become more and more dependent upon mobile, technology battery life is always an issue, and the life span of a device can vary wildly. Consumers who have tried the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch have been satisfied with the battery life, a full 7 days on a single charge in most cases. For times when the unit does require a charge there is a handy futuristic looking wireless charging case included. You will also have the option of using a standard micro-USB charger.

Setting Up: What is usually the number one complaint of consumers when it comes to a watch? Setting it up in the beginning! The good news is about all you need is a simple application from the Samsung app store. When you have downloaded the app this smartwatch will effortlessly find your mobile device and sync. Once your devices are linked you will be able to check alerts and notifications at a glance. Of course, you can also customize which alerts you get on your smart watch.

Voice Recognition: In addition to the handy touch screen, this smartwatch comes equipped with a side button for use with voice commands. Your Samsung Galaxy Gear allows you to do various things such as texting or calling all via voice command.

Additional Features: What more would you want in a smart watch? How about the ability to leave voice memos or measure the number of steps you take in a days’ time? In addition, you may enjoy the media controller or the intelligent find my mobile, especially if you are prone to losing your smartphone.

Samsung-Gear-2-Review-Image-2What about Water? If you plan on wearing this gadget during the warm summer months you will be happy to know the gadget is waterproof! This is one of the most important features of a quality timepiece. Of course, this does not mean you should wear it into the pool or for your next dive session, it can handle water in small amounts but not full submersion.

Shortfalls: Casual design, large display and several other features are quite nice. However, there were some complaints about the look of the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch. Not everyone is comfortable with the size and the band does tend to be a little long, which could mean making some adjustments.

Overall, the Samsung Galaxy Gear Smartwatch is viewed as a wonderful, yet practical device. If you are looking for the next evolution in smart technology, it has arrived. Battery life, notifications and features have come together to make a very cool personal device. Most who have tried the smartwatch enjoyed it, with a few who disliked the casual appearance of the watch.


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