[Review & SALE]: Garmin Virb Elite Action Camera

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(Watch My Garmin Virb Elite Review Video Below)


Garmin-Virb-Review-Image-1The Garmin Virb Elite Action Camera is designed for use in more challenging conditions, such as climate extremes.

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It is thoughtfully designed, and has some great features. For example, if filming in extreme cold, users will want to wear gloves. The designers have taken this into account, and the record switch can easily be accessed while wearing thick gloves.


Reviewers liked the feature mentioned above, and were complimentary about the sturdiness and good build quality of this compact camera. The camera comes with a built-in screen that lets you see what you are recording. This is a great aid to making better recordings. The clarity of the screen impressed reviewers, who stated that it was still easily visible in very bright light.

The Garmin Virb Elite Action Camera’s battery life also got positive reviews, with some people claiming to get a full day’s filming done without needing to recharge. The camera’s performance was unaffected in very cold weather.

Picture quality on the Garmin Virb is top class. Users can select between 720p/60fps or 1080p/30fps. Both resolutions and speeds produce great video, and the audio quality is also very good.
Garmin-Virb-Review-Image-2The camera includes a hands free, automatic start and stop function, which is useful for many activities where the owner needs to use both hands for an activity, such as skiing, rowing or cycling. It also has an image stabilization function that makes it possible to record great pictures even while moving rapidly over bumpy terrain.


There is not a lot that buyers found to criticize about the Garmin Virb Elite Action Camera. Some early reviewers complained that the camera’s software tended to freeze unexpectedly. However, the company released an updated version of the software that seems to have eliminated this problem.


For use as an outdoor action camera, the Garmin Virb Elite Action Camera is an excellent choice. It is rugged and sturdy, and is easy to use in many different environments. The picture quality is great, and the image stabilization does a really good job. It is an ideal choice for filming exciting outdoor activities.


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