[Review & SALE]: GoPro Hero 3+ Action Camera

Is the GoPro Hero 3+ TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My GoPro Hero 3+ Review Video Below)


Customers who reviewed the GoPro Hero3+ camera are impressed with its excellent performance during “on the go” photography. To start with, Hero3+ is well-suited as a bicycle camera.

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Simply mount it on your bicycle helmet or handlebars and ride out to your destination. The camera will film the scenery you pass with clarity. 

Place the camera on other moving vehicles, including dirt bikes and race cars, for additional quality views of the action.

Consumers also noted the excellent quality of shots for photographers of any level of experience or age using Go Pro Hero3+ as a travel camera. It is convenient to carry along regardless of the length of travel or stay because of its lightweight, compact design.

This camcorder captures clear video in proper lighting as well as low light conditions. While comparable camcorders disappoint their owners during low light photography, Go Pro Hero3+ delivers high quality still and video shots during inadequate lighting situations. This is particularly obvious when shooting underwater. Customers are pleased with the exceptional underwater imagery.

Filming sporting events is another area that earned kudos from customers. The general consensus places this camera in an exceptional category for filming movies whether indoors or outdoors on land or water.

Gopro-Herp-3-Review-Image-2Easy transfer of still shots and video to an electronic device such as iPad is another positive feature. The benefit is letting the user take and transfer the shots immediately, with the opportunity to edit and share from the other device when it is convenient.

One noted difference between the Hero3 and the Hero3+ is lens sharpness. The short-distance sharpness has been increased to provide clarity up to four feet. Close videos and pictures of scenery, people, and animals are crisp and clear, but it comes at a cost for shots of longer distances.

Comparing photos from Hero3 and Hero3+ of objects and scenes more than four feet away shows a minimal decrease in clarity with the 3+ GoPro. Scenery and shots are still colorful and beautiful, but they are softer than the sharp clarity of Hero3.

How does this affect the overall review by customers? Even with the slight loss of sharpness by the Hero3+ of shots more than four feet away, it still delivers better action shots of many other compact camcorders. Sharpness is improved for close up stills and videos, and the clarity and display of action videography and photography is remarkable. Its compact size and dependability make it ideal to carry along and use during any journey.


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