[Review & SALE]: Polar RC3 GPS Running Watch

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(Watch My Polar RC3 Review Video Below)


Polar-RC3-GPS-Review-Image-1There are a number of lightweight monitors and gadgets you can use to get the most out of running as a form of exercise.

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One of these is the Polar RC3 GPS with a heart rate monitor, so we have prepared this consumer report on its good and bad points.


The Polar RC3 GPS has a soft, comfortable strap, which is important when wearing it on longer runs. Its display is large enough to make it easy to read the important data displayed while in motion. Another positive point about this device is that the battery life is very good, and even long distance runners will be able to use the device without needing a recharge during a session.

There are lots of useful features built in to the Polar RC3 GPS, including a popular utility that lets you easily find your way home again. The device can be used to maintaining a training diary, and it also has a running index. It has a set of exercise programs that can teach users how to get the most out of their running or jogging sessions. The RC3 includes what it calls a zone optimizer. This lets wearers choose whatever workout tempo they want, and the device will inform them what their ideal hear rate is to achieve the maximum calorie burn. The device also features a training load calculator that many people like. The calculator provides the ideal rest to exercise ratio, and the feedback is really helpful.
Polar-RC3-GPS-Review-Image-2The precision GPS gives really accurate positional data, making the device an excellent choice whether running on a marked course or choosing a random one. The RC3 also has an auto lap function. In addition, the unit provides the usual data like time, distance traveled and calorie burn that help users to make the most of their exercise time.


Many reviewers point out that the device is quite slow to download satellite data at the outset of each session. They also noted that it took even longer if the wearer was moving, and that it is best to stand still until the operation is complete.


The Polar RC3 GPS with heart rate monitor is an excellent aide to maximizing the health benefits of running and jogging. It comes with all the features you would expect this type of device to have. Its screen is easy to read, and the RC3 is comfortable to wear for long time periods. While it is slow to load data, its accuracy level once that has been done is excellent.

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