[Review & SALE]: Bose Solo TV Sound System

Is the Bose Solo TV Sound System TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Bose Solo Review Video Below)


Bose-Solo-TV-Sound-System-Review-ImageBose Solo takes your television sound experience to a riveting level of satisfaction.

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Anyone familiar with sound capability of most television sets understands there is a great deal that is not heard or unclear. Bose has perfected sound systems and now offers an enhanced listening experience to consumers at home.
Space Saving Size

Bose Solo TV sound system is built with the dimensions of 10.25 by 20 inches, and takes relatively the same room as a DVD player. The slim, compact design allows easy placement with most television setups, and can be placed on a shelf or directly under televisions up to 40 pounds.

Simple Installation

With a plug-and-go connection, the Bose Solo is extremely easy to connect and will work with any television. The remote is also very straight-forward with a power button, volume up or down, and a mute button. For those who enjoy the convenience of one remote, this system is also compatible with a universal remote.

Bose-Solo-TV-Sound-System-Review-Image-2Enhanced Sound Quality

The Bose Solo makes it easier to hear movie and program dialogue. The clarity of voice is achieved and provides a pleasant viewing experience. Background noise and the surrounding sounds have a less prominent effect on the overall sound experience.

Multi-devices Compatibility

Connection through DVD players, Blu-Ray players, and computers also realized an improvement in sound quality. To date there have not been any compatibility issues that have been reported.
Musical Sound Quality

The Bose Solo can also be used to listen to music by cable connection. The system itself does not have an MP3 built in. So it is not the greatest for audio sound for music streaming, but it is better than most for quality with Bose Digital Signal Processing.

Short of Surround Sound

Bose Solo is not a surround sound system. It merely enhances the audio aspect of playback. Those seeking a more rounded sound experience should look to other devices. The sound experience is great for those that want clarity in communication dialogue. The device is easy to use, and will enhance the hearing experience to the satisfaction of many.


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