[Review & SALE]: Ivation Portable Projector

Is the Ivation Portable Projector TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

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Ivation-Portable-Projector-Review-Image-1An overwhelming advantage of this particular projector is its size.

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When is the last time you used a projector that would easily fit in the palm of your hand? As you might imagine this feature alone makes the device highly portable and when you add the lithium battery that offers two hours of operation on a complete charge, it is even more so. Do you have an upcoming business trip? This could be the perfect device for you.

The Ivation projector also offers a range of connectivity options, including an HDMI input port for video. There are also several connectors and cables available for other types of devices.

Ivation has also done an excellent job when it comes to design and control. On top of the unit, there are volume control buttons that will light up with the lightest touch. How a device looks may not affect its operation, but it is always nice to get a great electronic that also looks good. The Ivation projector offers a nice sleek modern appearance.

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Do you like watching movies or are you looking for a presentation tool? The good news is the Ivation projector is good for either requirement; it will accept 1080-pixel input and screen size variety from 10 inches to 60. Increasing the quality of the presentation or video is fairly simple; all you have to do is turn the focus dial.

Ivation-Portable-Projector-Review-Image-2Lastly, this portable projector comes equipped with USB output. This is quite handy if you want to connect to your smartphone, it will even charge your phone will connected to the projector. Pretty handy if you need to make an emergency.


It should be said, there are more powerful projectors on the market today, although none have the portability and convenient size of this one. You may notice a lack of features or power with the Ivation portable HDMI projector, but the lightweight and small size are unparalleled.

Final Thoughts

Do you travel and need to make business presentations on the fly? The portable Ivasion projector is a great little gadget for just such occasions. Carrying it around is a snap thanks to the small size and weight. Dimensions aside, you will still enjoy a nice medley of features.



Ivation Projectors Buyer’s Guide: Do They Really Make Quality Pocket Projectors?

Ivation Projectors can be quite in handy especially in an office setting or those who are going to be using it at home. There are many people who understand the benefits that come along with getting a pocket projector, but they are unable to understand the details of going with a high quality pocket projector and this is where they end up getting stuck. Let’s take a look at the most important factors that should be taken into mind when it comes to finding the right pocket projector at this point in time. There are many factors to consider, but the three mentioned here are key.

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Pocket Size Projector – Potential Screen Size

A pocket projector is great because of how flexible it is as a whole, but that does not mean you are going to simply go with anything. You will want to ensure that the screen size is as it should be. The potential screen size plays a massive role in the modern age and you have to know what the pocket projector is going to be used for. Those who do understand this are able to make the right decision effective immediately. Always pay attention to these details.

HDMI Pocket Projector – Requirements for Use

Sit down and pinpoint what you are going to be using the pocket projector for. It is better to know what the pocket projector is going to be used for instead of just hoping that the choice that is made goes in sync with what you want.

The requirements that you have will play a major role in the final decision that is made. It is smarter to pay attention to this right now instead of having to tweak things later on. You will be able to save a lot of time by knowing what it is going to be used for immediately.

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Pocket Projector Reviews – Brand

The final tip that should be taken into mind would be the brand that is being offered. A brand that matters is something that is going to be durable and is highly proven for working as it should be. Everyone is going to have different requirements, but that does not mean that you can simply go with any old brand that is on offer. A great brand is one that is highly reviewed and has been consistently outdoing itself with the pocket projectors that are on the market. This is what matters the most in the end for people who do go down this road.

The factors that have been listed here should not be ignored because if this is done, the chances of getting a quality pocket projector goes out the window. The people who do ignore these factors end up with something that is poor and will not work as it should be working. This can be frustrating for those who want something that is not good enough. Those who don’t understand these details are never going to be satisfied with the results they are getting. A great pocket projector is something that works well, but is also durable at the same time.

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