[Review & SALE]: Bose SoundLink 3 Speaker

Is the Bose SoundLink 3 TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Bose SoundLink 3 Review Video Below)


Bose-SoundLink-Review-ImageBose SoundLink Bluetooth speaker III is bringing family and friends together over crisp, clear, portable music.

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Here is a summary of the important key points.

Small and Portable

The Bose SoundLink iii is a convenient way to transport music and play it anywhere with exquisite quality. The speaker measures in at 1.9 by 9.6 by 5.1 inches and the weighs only 2.9 pounds. It sports a sleek design, and has changeable color plates so that it can be personalized to the user.

Built-in Rechargeable Battery

The Bose SoundLink features a rechargeable lithium-ion battery that offers 14 hours of playtime. For those on the go, there is an optional 12-volt car charger so that the speaker will always be at the ready for performance.

Sound Balance

Bose is world renowned for its exceptional sound quality, and SoundLink provides the high-quality standard expected from the company. There are no discernible distortions, even with deep-bass tracks played at high volumes. This is an improvement over previous SoundLink versions.

Wireless Range and Bluetooth Connectivity

The wireless range of this speaker is approximately 30 feet. It is compatible with Bluetooth-enabled technology and can be played from a Smartphone or tablet. Bose SoundLink offers standard audio input also when a wireless connection is not available.

Trouble-free and Intuitive Interface

The Bose SoundLink interface exceptionally easy to work with and learn. Pairing the speaker with Bluetooth-enabled devices can be completed in just a few minutes regardless of the user’s experience with audio equipment.

Portable to Any Location

This device is a great addition for parties and events. It can be taken to any location, and is compact and easy to carry in a purse or backpack. Regardless of the environment it will be used in, the Bose SoundLink 3 produces excellent sound quality for listener enjoyment.

Bose SoundLink delivers all that it promises – it is highly portable and provides superior sound quality that is typical of Bose. It features an elegant design that can be personalized. It is lightweight and fitting for use in any setting.


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