[Review & SALE]: Onkyo TX-SR333 Receiver

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Onkyo TX-SR333 Receiver

Onkyo TX-SR333 ReceiverIndividuals that bought the receiver were happy with the easy of installation and the adequacy of the product manual.

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The manual is coherently written and adequately organized. Buyers were able to install successfully their receivers without needing additional information or somebody else’s assistance. Many of them decided to mount only some of the parts and leave others free-standing because of personal preferences. The project was simple to execute regardless of the option chosen.

The second important benefit involved the sound quality. The balance was impeccable and so was the clarity of the sound. The audio settings were comfortable for the users, even for the ones who were used to professional equipment sets. The 65W per channel was more than satisfactory, especially considering the price of the product. In fact, some of the consumers stated this to be a pleasant surprise when it comes to the particular receiver class.

Onkyo TX-SR333-3The 5.1 function is one of this receiver’s most prominent characteristics. Some of the consumers who bought the Onkyo TX-SR333 5.1-Channel Home Theater Receiver claimed that the sound quality coming from this receiver was better when compared to receivers featuring 7.1 characteristics. The included optimizer for the digital audio has also contributed to stellar sound quality and almost universal consumer satisfaction with the receiver.

Many consumer reports contained praises about the connectivity features of the receiver, as well. Bluetooth connectivity was efficient and easy to use. According to a number of reviews, this type of connectivity is exactly the reason that made many individuals purchase and use the Onkyo TX-SR333 5.1 channel receiver. The Bluetooth enables easy and flawless pairing with a vast range of other devices. Even some who rated the product with three stars or less, expressed appreciation for the quality of the connectivity services provided.

In addition to the Bluetooth, there is also an HDMI video and audio port available for the ones who needed it. A number of the consumers said that the HDMI port hooks up are easy to use and a great alternative to the standard Wi-Fi connectivity option.

A lot of praise was given to the appearance of the receiver, as well. The trademark Onkyo appearance is kept for this model. The receiver is black in color and it comes with a large, easy to read display. The buttons positioned on the front of the panel enable manual switching and adjustments, in case the buyer requires such operations.

A Few Shortcomings
Though most buyers were predominantly satisfied with the functioning of the receiver and its price to quality ratio, a few negative remarks were made. One of them focused on the quality of the display. The display provides a lot of basic information that facilitates the operation of the receiver. A couple of reviewers, however, were not impressed with the lack of information about song title and additional track details. Several of the customers also note the lack of an updated visual representation of main features. They ask for icons, more colors and a more functional, modernistic approach towards data display.


The overall consumer satisfaction level is very high with a strong emphasis on the integrated possibility to connect devices via Bluetooth and the multi HMDI inputs. All consumers rate the price to quality ratio of Onkyo TX-SR333 5.1 channel receiver as extremely satisfactory. Though there seem to be a few minor glitches, this product does precisely what it promises and brags user-friendly installation, as well as operations.

Onkyo TX-SR333 Receiver

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