[Review & SALE]: Asus AC1900 Router

Is the Asus AC1900 TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Asus AC1900 Review Video Below)



The Asus Wireless-AC1900 is a dual-band router that makes the claim it can boost your internet connection speed by as much as 33%.

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This is thanks in part to the dual core processor designed for Wi-Fi in addition to USB and Ethernet devices.

While there is an endless array of features, the ASUS Wireless-AC1900 is incredibly simple to install, especially for those with some understanding of computers. Beginners can still do this process, but they should take the time to read the instructions and watch instruction videos to ensure that they are doing this properly. YouTube has several videos of actual ASUS employees guiding users through the process.

As you consider this option, it is important to pay close attention to the various aspects that are associated with the installation. This includes downloading the ASUS firmware and deicing on the SSID name, while testing the internet speeds for comparison. If you are ever in doubt, you can also use the “?” to better locate answers during the installation process.

In addition to the truly features (e.g., solid construction, adjustable external antenna with extension cables, and a WPS button that is designed for automated connections), the router’s high quality performance helps to separate it from the competition. In fact, you can consider this unit to be a Swiss Army knife version of dual band routers.

• There are quite a few network setups available. This router offers 3 network keys each for the 2.4ghz guest network and the 5.0ghz network, resulting in a total of 6 keys.

• Highly effective parental controls. This allows parents to take more of control over the websites that their children are able to see.

Asus-AC-1900-Review-Image2• Traffic manager. Although it is a standard router feature, the ASUS Wireless-AC1900 has an edge in that the traffic managers allows the QoS to run faster and easier on the network.

• USB applications. The AiDisk Share allows any files that have been connected through the USB to connect to the internet, making it a smart choice.

• Download Master. Allowing automatic downloads to your computer, even when the computer is turned off, you can handle large downloads, without having to sit around waiting.

The ASUS Wireless-AC1900 can be connected to all of today’s most popular technology. The wired (i.e., LAN) connections are usually for the first 3 devices whole the wireless channels are for options like your laptops, smartphones, and printers as well as the guest accounts. Yes, indeed, this is one router that pays for itself with as many connections as necessary for residential users.

The router’s impressive speed is complemented by the incredible range that it offers. Users will find that it offers 5 full bars within several meters and 3 bars farther on. With its great configuration interface, almost everybody will be happy with both the power and overall performance that it offers.

Overall, you will find that the ASUS Wireless-AC1900 is a costly router, but it is one that is going to give you everything that you will need.


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