[Review & SALE]: Fujitsu ScanSnap iX500 Scanner

Is the Fujitsu IX500 TRULY a Good Value? Where Can You Get it at the Lowest Price w/ Free Shipping?

(Watch My Fujitsu IX500 Review Video Below)


Customers use words like “powerful” and “easy to use” when describing their experiences with Fujitsu’s ScanSnap iX500 scanner.

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Wireless scanning to the Mac and PC is incredible. Even better, there is no need to power up the computer because its wireless technology lets the consumer scan images directly to any iOS and Android mobile device or tablet.

The overall agreement from consumers is the remarkable speed with which the system operates. While full color high resolution documents usually slow scanning speed, the iX500 keeps right on doing its job at a speed of 25 or more pages per minute. Customers with excellent results from other Fujitsu scanners reported faster operation from this model.

The scanner is smaller than similar systems of this caliber, saving desk or counter space in offices and homes. Get the digital backup for paper documents in a short time, freeing up the need to store scores of documents.

High operational quality was also noted by customers used to working with other makes and models of scanners. Two features repeatedly mentioned favorably are the iX500 scanner’s ability to pull a single sheet at a time for scanning, and the warning provided if it appears pages are going to stick together during the scanning process. The competition tends to send multiple pages through the feeder from time to time, and gives no customer alert whatsoever; the omission is not found unless someone compares the scan page by page.

Fujitsu-Scansnap-ix500-Review-Image-2The user has complete flexibility on saving and organizing digital scans. Saving them in PDF format is convenient because the Adobe Acrobat program is included in the purchase. Move scans to designated files or back them up on the computer’s hard drive and save them to the cloud with included software programs. Some customers reported that the scanner is an excellent companion to Evernote.

According to customers with a Mac, the setup is a bit longer than it is for a PC. The results are highly satisfactory for both systems. The quick setup and ability to use the iX500 scanner right out of the box with just a few setup changes earned satisfied mention from consumers.

There were two minor problems mentioned by customers. The first was a complaint that the system is so fast there is not enough time to insert additional pages of a document with more than 20 pages to the feed. The second concern is that the iX500 has a difficult time scanning long receipts.

Overall, customers are impressed with the exceptional performance and high-quality scans from all computers. The inclusion of necessary software for operations and the options for storage are quite impressive for a unit in this price range.


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