[Review & SALE]: NeatDesk Scanner

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NeatDesk-Scanner-Review-ImageWhat do you expect from a desktop scanner? When it comes to the NeatDesk Desktop Scanner, there is some debate over whether the unit performs at a $370 level.

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Manufacturer claims the NeatDesk PC can scan a multitude of different documents up to and including business cards, office papers, receipts and business cards. However, when it comes to transparencies or photographs it fails the test.

Let’s look at the capabilities and features of this particular machine, starting with scan speed. Currently this model can handle 24 pages per minute with a maximum capacity of 50 pages. You will hear a lot of people say this is unrealistic or even false advertisement, because NeatDesk PC can only take in 10 pages per minute. Supporters say it is the way the documents are fed that makes all the difference.

NeatDesk PC can read two sides of a document at a rather quick pace. Regardless of whether you prefer color or black and white, this device preserves the appearance of the original file. This provides you with an electronic copy that is just as legible as the original.

Most scanners simply copy the image from the scan bed, however NeatDesk PC comes equipped with software that can process and extract exact information from any scanned document. This ability gives you the option to create digital content in the form of sales tax, expense reports and tax reports and more.

In addition, you can then export this information to Excel, Quicken or Turbo Tax applications. A particularly useful option is the ability to edit information in the scanned document; this is quite helpful when you have damaged receipts or other issues.

NeatDesk-Scanner-Review-Image-2Imagine, now all you have to do is scan your receipts and they instantly become an expense report in MS Excel or MS Word format. This one particular feature makes the device decidedly more attractive to small businesses. Not to mention the name, NeatDesk PC invokes thoughts of a clean organized workspace!

NeatDesk has some nice features when it comes to handling paper documents, but surprisingly it doesn’t stop there. Customers enjoy the PDF import feature, which allows you to import files from emails into the program, similar to scanning and hard copy document.

Another handy feature is the ability to access your saved data from anywhere using a mobile device. Unfortunately, you will have to subscribe to NeatCloud if you need this feature. Information and access on the go is a very valuable service in this day, especially when you consider the competitive environment in business today. NeatDesk PC delivers on all of the above.

Installed software makes it possible to postpone filing of your documents until you need or want to use them. You could tape the Scan button down and you will still only file when you want to.

This device also has a very attractive design, making NeatDesk PC a utilitarian device that also looks nice on your work desk.

Don’t forget that all scanned files are searchable. Simply enter a search term and your documents will be quickly displayed. When you need to find that one certain receipts.

At the end of the day, NeatDesk PC is fantastic as a document scanner. It may not be the best device for scanning photos, but for scanning, storing, filing, searching documents quickly and efficiently NeatDesk PC is at the top of the class.


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