How Have Office Projectors Evolved

Having the ability to do demos in front of a sizable group is vital for most companies and tools like the Optoma HD26 (read my full review on, are making this even easier. And, having the ability to do it professionally is crucial. A grainy demo with a noisy projector can make a poor feeling. The technology behind office projectors has improved substantially. Here are a couple technologies that office projectors have improved lately.

Optoma HD26 Review

There’s been an increasing tendency to specialize projectors. There are a category of information projectors and home theater projectors. Many projectors can satisfy both needs, but you must make sure that your projector is satisfied for company needs. Since a company has to be revealing comprehensive charts and graphs afterward a projector that projects more light is crucial. Also, projectors have decreased in size lately which is great for companies as they are more mobile than before. Many times a projector may be kept in a laptop bag and still do exactly the same job as a bigger, bulkier one.

Another large progress is the light source the projector uses. LED projectors are now quite popular lately. It uses a light emitting diode instead of a conventional bulb discovered in other projectors. The best part about LED is the light source can continue over 20,000 hours. That’s around 10 times the lifespan of light sources in other kinds of projectors. They’re less bright as LCD and DLP versions, nevertheless they’re little and streamlined. There are still pocket versions that use a LED light source. That makes it perfect for business travelers who should connect to cellular devices and traveling light.


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